Variable Pitch

Letting the facts speak for themselves...

So long & thanks for all the fish...

In May 2018, following direct threats made against me, a veiled threat of legal action and a referral to the ICO this website was closed.

However, I have always believed that the data this site presented was valuable and the emails I have received seem to confirm this. Many people have encouraged me to restart the service.

I've tried to contact the ICO several times to clarify what's going on, but tey haven't responded in any way.

The threats made against me were concerning and likely should have been referred to the police.

Looking forwards, not backwards...

Going forward, my intention is to relaunch the site in 2019.

The relaunch will feature a redesign and improved functionality.

As I start the process of redesigning the site, I'd like to hear what you want. Email me and let me know what features you'd find useful. No guarantees they will be added, but I will do my best.

Watch this space!