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Data Sources

The information I use is freely available, as explained below.

Much of the data used by this site is produced by Ofgem and published by them. The reports they produced are downloaded and the information processed for use by this site.

As the data they report is the basis for their reporting, I make no attempt to alter the data, simply to store it in data structures that allow this site to function.

Ultimately every station listed on this site generates electricity to contribute to the national requirement. This means they all interact with the National Grid at some point.

Most stations are not directly connected to the grid and are termed "Embedded Capacity". Such capacity cannot be measured directly, so when the data from the national grid is viewed it will not be measuring embedded capacity, only the directly connected stations.

Additionally there is a large, actively traded market for electricity generation which demands up to the minute data. Such data is provided by Elexon UK (under a contract from the National Grid) who also provide less time critical reports. A combination of these is used to generate the data shown on this website.

While Ofgem provide access to their data, access to information for stations realted to the Feed In Tariff is far harder to come by. Many of the stations listed on this website are accredited under the FiT scheme but matching a station to an accreditation number for the FiT scheme is often impossible.

The only form of information I have found so far is the enormous Excel spreadsheet produced by the DECC on a quarterly basis.

The DECC maintain a planning database for larger renewable projects. This provides additional information and often shows the renewable component where a station is a mixture of conventional and renewables. Where information from this database has been used it should be noted.

It's amazing how many operators don't provide details of their installations, but through a number of sources I have slowly been collecting data about the wind farms listed on this site.

If you have information about the turbines or other equipment in use at any station listed on this site please get in touch and I'll add it.

County Information

Taking a postcode and getting the county from it isn't easy unless you have a table mapping the information - exactly what Dan Gibbs has available on his website. I've used the data to build the list of counties and map the address information to include them. Thanks Dan!

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