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Changes, changes...

I've been fortunate enough that various people have contacted me to assist in developing this site. They've volunteered new resources, explanations of some of the more obscure terms and sometimes just pointed out spelling mistakes! I'm not going to name them (as most have asked me not to) but as the site and the methodology I'm using evolves I'll try and post details of the changes here with reasoning where it's needed.
Date Change Description
2nd Dec 2015 @ 17:38 Site had a small set of tweaks today. - Some missing pages were linked back in - Code updated for better compatibility in the future - Some errors squashed - Exports of shapefiles and CSV now contain the same information, in the same order
31st Oct 2013 @ 16:50 Following a lot of requests I have added the county for a station as an attribute. This is based on the address and so I've also taken steps to tidy up some of the address information I had. The maps of towns/counties aren't always perfect, but if you spot an error in their positioning or zoom level then let me know and I can adjust.
30th Oct 2013 @ 21:58 Added a page showing a breakdown of how the electricity stations are connected to the grid. Find it under Summaries > Connections.
30th Oct 2013 @ 21:57 Fixed a problem with links for the DECC data.
29th Jun 2013 @ 18:45 The redesign of the site is now complete and I'm just tidying up around the edges. Thanks for all the feedback so far.