Variable Pitch

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Wave Category

There are a total of 10 stations in this category.

Name Commission Date Country Capacity (kW) Generator Information
Billia Croo berth 5 31st Mar 2017 Scotland 960.00 Unknown
Billia Croo Berth 6 30th Jan 2013 Scotland 800.00 Unknown
CLADDACH FARM 1st Mar 2001 Scotland 500.00 Unknown
EMEC Berth 5 9th Mar 2017 Scotland 2,000.00 Unknown
Ness of Quoys 8th Nov 2016 Scotland 5,700.00 Unknown
Orcadian Wave 18th May 2012 Scotland 711.00 Unknown
Ramsey Sound DeltaStream 400kW 31st Dec 2015 Wales 380.00 Unknown
S G E Tidal Array 3rd May 2016 Scotland 500.00 Unknown
Tocardo EMEC Array 24th Mar 2017 Scotland 1,451.00 Unknown
Vagr Atferth 11th Oct 2010 Scotland 735.00 Unknown