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About This Site

The last few years have seen a massive increase in the number of Wind Turbines visible on the skylines throughout the United Kingdom. Debates about their efficiency or funding tend to evoke strong emotions in both proponents and opponents but finding hard facts isn't straightforward. The schemes introduced by the UK government add a layer of opaqueness that is used by both sides of the argument for their own purposes. This site is an attempt to allow the data to be free to tell it's story without additional commentary.

The information presented here is gathered from the reports published by Ofgem.

I make no attempt to alter the collected data and a full explanation of how the figures are arrived at is provided.

The information is automatically updated on a regular basis.

Where calculations have been made I have attempted to provide details, but if it is unclear how a number has been arrived at then please contact me and I will provide an answer. There is no magic or slight of hand. All data sources are free and publically available (details can be found on the Sources page).

To view a summary of the information, go to the Output Summary page.

For a list of generating stations go to the Stations page.

To view a map of the stations that I have a geographic location for, visit the map page.

I have started offering exports of the station data that is available and more will be following.

If you are interested in using the data from this site, please get in touch.

I'm always interested in hearing from people who know more about this subject than I do, so if that's you and you're willing to enlighten me, please get in touch. I'll try and take everything I learn and add it to the site in an effort to help others understand the way the industry works.

Additionally if you have links to useful data that could be added to the site to make it more useful I'd love to hear from you.